Cat Oral Care: Three Steps to Care for Your Cats Teeth

Cat Oral Care: Three Steps to Care for Your Cats Teeth

Between meals, treats, toys and the occasional house plant or cardboard box (bad kitty!), your cat's teeth get a lot of action — making cat oral care an important part of your pet's health. Thankfully, caring for your cat's teeth and breath doesn't have to be a pain. Follow these three steps to help keep your cat’s oral health care in tip-top shape.

Cat with a toothbrush

1. Clean Your Cat’s Teeth Daily

Between veterinary visits, you can help keep your cat's teeth clean and breath fresh by brushing their teeth daily. But, let's be real: Unless you've brushed your cat's teeth since they were a kitten, this process isn't always easy (to say the least) for cats and their humans alike.

An alternative to brushing is giving your cat a daily dental treat that helps reduce tartar and makes dental cleanings painless and convenient. FELINE GREENIES™ Dental Treats are designed with a crunchy texture that helps clean teeth while cats chew. And with a variety of flavors to choose from, caring for your cat's teeth can really be as simple as giving them delicious dental treats every day. Win, win!

Clean your cat's teeth daily, a woman feeding her cat Greenies Dental Treats

2. Watch Out for Warning Signs

Keep an eye on your cat's eating habits. If you notice your cat eating slower, more carefully or not at all, look further for signs of an oral health problem and contact your vet.

By checking your cat's mouth, gums and teeth regularly, you can catch dental problems early. Contact your vet if you notice:

  • Especially stinky breath
  • Yellowing/discoloration of teeth
  • Reddening or whitening of gums (pink is healthy)
  • Drooling (if your cat doesn't typically drool)
Watch out for warning signs, two owners holding their white and grey cat

3. Schedule Semi-annual Vet Exams

During wellness visits, your vet will examine your cat's mouth and teeth for any signs of gingivitis, tartar buildup, loose teeth or other potential dental issues. They'll let you know if you need to adjust your cat's routine or if they need a professional cleaning or other treatment.

Proactive cat oral care is the best way to support your cat's dental health. Scheduling these vet checkups twice a year is the key to your cat's healthy smile.

Shop a variety of GREENIES™ Cat Dental Treat flavors from Catnip, Tuna, Salmon and more to help keep your cat's teeth clean, healthy and fresh!