Cat Health Tips, Tricks

How to Be a Healthy Cat: Cat Health Tips, Tricks and Treat Choices

Seasons may be changing, but your relationship with your favorite feline never goes out of style. Whether the sun is shining, the leaves are changing colors or there is snow on the ground, these five tips can help you keep your cat healthy and put their well-being first all year long.


Five Tips for Supporting Your Cat’s Health

Create a Play Area for Your Cat

Cats have energy they want to burn off throughout the day, just like humans (and dogs). Give your cat a dedicated space where you can play together, and they’ll know just where to go to enjoy some exciting playtime. This space makes it easy for your cat to find their toys and favorite play structures and can give you peace of mind knowing all those fun toys have a home.


Feed Your Cat Nutritious Food and Healthy Cat Treats

All cats need nutritious food that supports their overall health. That means balanced food with high-quality ingredients and avoiding human foods that aren’t good for cats. Choose recipes that nourish your cat’s body and provide the energy to play — even if it’s just chasing a toy around the house. FELINE GREENIES™ SMARTBITES™ make a great complement to a nutritious diet (and your cat will thank you for the tasty health-supporting treat).


Cat Toys Are a Cat’s Best Friends

Cats are curious by nature and almost always looking for something to get their paws on. Have a variety of safe, sturdy toys at hand to give your cat the chance to practice their pouncing skills. In a pinch, a small reflection you can direct around the room for them to chase and a crumpled piece of paper for them to pounce on can do the trick! Just make sure to give your cat a physical toy to “catch” after all that chasing and get rid of the crinkled paper after playtime (so they don’t accidentally eat it).


Care for Your Cat’s Teeth and Their Smile

When considering your cat’s health, don’t forget about oral care. The crunchy texture of FELINE GREENIES™ Dental Treats helps clean your cat’s teeth. And dental treats, in addition to regular at-home flip-lip tests and semi-annual cleanings at the vet, help keep bad breath from getting in the way of cuddles with your favorite feline.


Spend Quality Time Together

Don’t let a busy schedule get in the way of spending quality time with your cat. If you’re often on the go, try checking items off your to-do list with your cat in your lap, or folding laundry in the same room so they know you’re there. You can also squeeze in snuggle time as you wind down and watch television or read a book before bed. While we’d all like to spend more time with our cats, you’ll both feel better by working in a little more quality time.


Check for Cat Health Issues at Home

It’s always important to stay in touch with your vet about any health concerns and give your cat any vet-recommended medications. You can even help your vet spot any potential concerns when you monitor your cat’s health between visits! Consider keeping a notebook or a file in your favorite note-taking app that can help you keep a record of any changes in your cat’s body or behavior. Those details can help your vet understand what life is like for your cat between checkups.



Making healthy choices for your cat and spending a little extra quality time together can have a big impact on your cat’s well-being — and yours, too! Taking care of them well is just one more way to strengthen your bond and show you love them.