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GREENIES Anytime Bites & SMARTBITES are the perfect treats to give to your pup every day. These treats are great for daily treating and training.

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GREENIES Anytime Bites & SMARTBITES are the perfect treats to give to your pup every day. These treats are great for daily treating and training.

Incredibly Tasty. Incredibly Powerful

  • Delicious Taste

    They'll love the taste, you'll love the benefits

  • Quality Ingredients

    Made in the USA with ingredients from around the world

  • Real Benefits

    From daily treating to a healthy boost of vitamins

  • Pet Approved

    Irresistible taste your pets will love

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I give my dog treats?

Use the following guidelines based on weight and treat type to know how many treats to give your dog.

- Dogs 5 to 10 pounds: 7 treats per day
- Dogs 10 to 20 pounds: 13 treats per day
- Dogs 20 to 30 pounds: 22 treats per day
- Dogs 30 to 40 pounds: 29 treats per day
- Dogs 40+ pounds: 37 treats + 6 treats for every 10 pounds above 40 pounds

GREENIES Anytime Bites™
- Dogs 5 to 15 pounds: 1 treat per day
- Dogs 15 to 25 pounds: Up to 3 treats per day
- Dogs 25 to 50 pounds: Up to 4 treats per day
- Dogs 50 to 100 pounds: Up to 7 treats per day
- Dogs 100+ pounds: Up to 11 treats per day

If you’re monitoring your dog’s calorie intake, check the package label for the kcal in each treat and then adjust their amount of main meal to compensate for calories delivered by treats.

Do dog treats have any health benefits?

In many cases, dog treats have more benefits than just their delicious flavor. This is certainly the case with the wide variety of GREENIES™ treats.

With GREENIES SMARTBITES™, your dog will enjoy irresistible treats that deliver essential health benefits, such as Vitamin E, an antioxidant, to support a healthy immune system.

All GREENIES™ dog treats also include crude protein, fat, and fiber, as well as natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

What are GREENIES Anytime Bites™?

GREENIES Anytime Bites™ are delicious treats for dogs of all sizes and ages, and are the perfect treats to give your pup every day for frequent treating. Anytime Bites are specially designed to pack a lot of taste into a small, bite-sized chew.

Each Anytime Bite is only 15 calories — so you can treat often — and these treats come in three delicious flavors, including:

- Original
- Mint
- Blueberry

And, because GREENIES™ makes Anytime Bites with natural ingredients (plus vitamins, minerals, and nutrients), the treats are both irresistible AND easy to digest.


GREENIES SMARTBITES™ are deliciously flavored adult dog treats that also include vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help your pooch stay happy and healthy.

Each GREENIES SMARTBITE dog treat includes such beneficial ingredients as:

- Vitamin E
- Vitamin A Supplement
- Vitamin B Supplements
- Vitamin D3 Supplement

But, sometimes, it’s not about what you put in but about what you leave out. GREENIES SMARTBITES™ are made without artificial flavors, preservatives†, or fillers. (†Trace amounts may be present due to cross-contact during manufacturing.)

That’s what makes GREENIES SMARTBITES™ the perfect dog treat for frequent treating, training, or just showing your four-legged friend that you really care.

Why should I choose GREENIES™ dog treats?

- Many delicious flavors to choose from
- Natural ingredients
- Sizes to suit dogs of all sizes
- Includes crude protein, fat, and fiber
- No refrigeration necessary
- Proudly crafted in the USA

Can GREENIES™ dog treats be used for training?

Absolutely! GREENIES™ Anytime Bites or SMARTBITES, can be used for the frequency of treating that comes with training.

Plus, GREENIES SMARTBITES™ offer immune support thanks to added vitamin E (an antioxidant that supports a healthy immune system) in each bite, while GREENIES Anytime Bites™ are easy to digest so you can feed anytime for a happy dog.