Why Dental Health Matters for Dogs

Why Dental Health Matters for Dogs

Why Your Dog’s Dental Health is Important

Healthy teeth, happy dog! 

Happy Dental Health Month, dog owners! With the new year in full swing, it’s the perfect time to establish a new dental care routine for your pup.

80% of dogs show signs of oral health issues by the age of 3, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. The good news is that pet parents can help support their dog’s oral health by implementing a holistic oral care routine to help keep their dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy – which includes tooth brushing, regular vet checkups, annual professional dental cleanings, and giving treats designed to help clean teeth, like GREENIES dental treats. With a unique, chewy texture, one GREENIES™ Dental Treat per day helps control/fight plaque and tartar.

A Daily Dental Routine

How to Stay on Top of Your Dog’s Dental Health

Stay on top of your dog’s dental health with a dental care routine that includes daily tooth brushing and veterinary dental exams and cleaning at least once a year. To make daily dental care a rewarding experience for your day, add a tasty treat to their daily dental care routine. Just one GREENIES™ Dental Treat per day helps clean teeth down to the gum line to help fight plaque and tartar and freshen your dog’s breath.

Do GREENIES™ Dental Treats Really Help Clean Dog Teeth?  

They don’t just look like little toothbrushes; the unique texture of GREENIES™ dog dental treats is designed to help clean teeth! The chewy texture helps dogs sink their teeth into the treat, which helps scrub away plaque with each bite. Plus, they come in a variety of delicious flavors—like Sweet Potato & Blueberry—that dogs love.

This year, get into the habit of establishing a healthy dental care routine for your canine companion.