When Can I Start Giving My Puppy Dental Treats

When Can I Start Giving My Puppy Dental Treats?

There are so many firsts to celebrate with your puppy: their first vet visit, their first trip to the dog park, their first haircut. But when should a puppy get their first delicious dental treat?

Giving your young pup dental treats can be a great bonding moment for both of you. Not to mention that you’ll be giving your dog a head start on their dental hygiene routine. And how can you refuse that irresistibly adorable face? You’re only human, after all. Read on to learn when you can safely give your puppy dental treats and how they can benefit.

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When to Give Your Puppy Dental Treats

It’s important to hold off on dental treats until your puppy is around 6 months old. Why? We’re glad you asked.

  • Your puppy has a tender tummy: Your little one is still growing and going through changes, especially in their GI tract. Introducing new foods could lead to messes on the carpet.

  • Puppy teeth are baby teeth: While they’re certainly sharp, your puppy’s teeth are not fully developed. Wait until their adult teeth come in and their jaw structure has had a chance to develop before giving them dental treats; otherwise they may damage their little chompers.

For these reasons, GREENIES™ recommends not giving puppies dental treats until they’re around 6 months old. This number will vary slightly depending on your dog’s breed and weight, so asking your vet is always a wise option.

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Another important thing to remember is …

Puppies Need Treats Made for Puppies

You wouldn’t feed a 6-year-old dog the same food as a 6-month-old puppy. Same goes for treats. It’s important to give puppies treats designed especially for them, because puppies have growing mouths and need the right balance of nutrients for healthy growth and development. GREENIES™ Puppy 6 Months+ TEENIE™ Dental Treats have a softer texture and are designed for developing mouths. Plus, they have nutrients like DHA to support brain development and calcium to support strong teeth and healthy jaws.

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The Benefits of Puppy Dental Treats

Your puppy just thinks treats taste great, but they can provide some additional benefits, too:

  • Training your puppy with dental treats: Treats are a great way help teach your puppy good habits and behavior. Use them to reinforce and reward positive actions. Just remember to feed one GREENIES™ dental treat a day. Ear scratches and praise, however, are calorie-free, so use them often during training.

  • Encouraging healthy habits: When fed once a day, puppy dental treats like GREENIES™ Puppy 6 Months+ TEENIE™ Dental Treats gently clean teeth and gums. They also help keep “puppy breath” pleasant. Starting an oral care routine for your puppy when they’re young — including daily toothbrushing, annual vet checkups and daily dental treats — can help support healthy and happy mouths as your puppy grows.

And when the inevitable time has come when your energetic puppy is now a mature adult dog (and this depends on the breed size of your furry friend), don’t forget to keep up their dental care routine with GREENIES™ Dental Treats.