Teach Your Dog to Pee in Every Room

How to Teach Your Dog to Pee in Every Room

Housetraining your puppy or new dog can be daunting. If your dog is peeing in the house, you’re probably wondering how to train an animal to go to the bathroom when and where you want them to? Luckily, potty training your dog is much easier than most people think. In fact, we’re always training our dogs, whether we mean to or not. The question is...what are they learning?

Here’s a list of some of the most common ways pet owners train their dogs to pee in every room.

Tip #1: Limit Your Puppy’s Access to Your Space

Limit your puppy's access to space, graphic of a home

Want your dog to find a favorite place to pee in every room of your house? Great! All you have to do is give them unsupervised access to all rooms in your home. They’re guaranteed to find a special spot to do their business whenever they please.

Would you prefer your pup stop peeing in the house and go where YOU want them to go instead? Then it’s simple: Limit their living space to a few rooms so you can keep a better eye out for signals that they need to be let outside. This way, you’ll limit their accident radius and they’ll learn that outside is where the business should be done.

Tip #2: Keep a Consistent Schedule

Keep a consistent schedule, graphic of dog at home while woman is at work

If you’d like your dog to pee with abandon, be sure to keep an unpredictable schedule. Give meals at inconsistent times, let your pup out at random intervals and work on YOUR schedule, not theirs. Anyone hoping to have a dog that uses the bathroom exclusively indoors, on the carpet, on the bed or in your basket of clean laundry, should make sure that their pup never knows when they’ll have a chance to relieve themselves.

On the flip side, if you’d like to have a pee-free home, consider keeping a consistent schedule. Make sure your wakeup time is as consistent as possible, feed your dog at the same times each day, and let your dog out at predictable intervals so your dog won’t have to hold it too long and risk an accident.

Tip #3: Manage Your Reaction to Accidents

Manage your reaction to accidents, graphic of woman screaming

The best way to make sure a dog continues to use the bathroom in your house is to have a huge, blowout reaction every time there is an accident. Rage around the room, yell, point, the whole nine yards. This loud attention will feel like a pep talk and your dog will learn that you give them excited attention when they go on the carpet.

If for some reason you’d prefer to have dry carpet, make sure you do your best to manage your reaction when there is the occasional accident. Keep calm and don’t raise your voice at Fido, as they don’t understand the difference between excitement and anger. Conversely, make sure to give lots of positive reinforcement when your pup goes where they’re supposed to.

Congratulations! Your dog is ready to pee in every room.

If you decide you'd rather housetrain your dog correctly, just do the opposite of the things we’ve listed above.

 DO limit your puppy’s access to various spaces in your home
• DO keep a consistent schedule
• DO manage your reaction to accidents