Caring for Your Dog’s Skin and Coat

Caring for Your Dog’s Skin and Coat: A Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routine

Did you know that your dog’s skin and coat are good gauges of their overall health? It’s true! But what does “healthy” look like? A healthy coat appears shiny and strong; healthy skin is clear and flake-free. A regular grooming schedule can help maintain their skin and coat, but what else can you do to help?

Here’s our suggested schedule for what to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your four-legged friend looking and feeling their best.

To Do: Daily

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To Do: Weekly

Brushing your dog regularly has numerous benefits (in addition to sharing some quality time with your pup). Brushing helps remove any dead skin or hair, stimulates the skin’s surface and ensures your dog’s natural skin oils are well-distributed. All these benefits can help keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. Silky or curly, long or short: whatever your dog’s coat is like, brushing once a week is recommended. Depending on your dog’s coat, a comb or pin-head brush might do the trick, but if you’re trying to remove their thick hair or undercoat, you may want to try something like a shedding blade.

A golden retriever dog getting a bath

To Do: Every Couple Months

As long as you’re brushing regularly (and assuming they haven’t gone for a roll in the grass or a run through the mud), bathing your dog every two to four months is a good general rule. Just be careful not to bathe your dog too often — you don’t want to dry out their skin or coat! If your dog is a hairless breed, they may require a little more maintenance when it comes to baths and should be bathed more frequently (about once a week).

Your dog’s skin and coat aren’t just for cuddles and pets (though those are some excellent perks!) — they can be the key to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Supporting your dog’s skin and coat health with supplements and maintaining a grooming regimen for your dog are just a few more loving ways to take care of their health.

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