GREENIES Best Selling Winter Favorites Bundle

25% Off our Best Selling Winter Favorites Bundle

A little bit of everything with a whole lot of flavor! This Best Selling Winter Favorites Bundle from Greenies is full of winter favorite flavors that taste good and make your pup feel good. For instructions on feeding guidelines please see each produt page.

This bundle is a exclusive and available for a limited time only.

  • Perfect for Gifting

  • 25% Off Total Bundle Price

  • Gingerbread flavored treats for the Howlidays

Greenies immune health supplements on a green background

Immune Health Supplements

Shield Icon

Formulated to support a healthy immune system

Purple C Check Icon

High-quality ingredients at the right level to deliver the benefits to help support your dog's natural defenses

Purple E Circle Icon

Made with a powerful antioxidant blend of vitamin C and vitamin E, which research shows can help maintain a healthy immune system

Purple Chicken Icon

Made with real chicken

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Supplement Pill Pocket

3 Easy Steps to Take the Stress Out of Pill Time

Fill Pill Pocket Icon

To Fill, hold the Pill Pocket treat in one hand and place medicine into the built-in pouch

illustration of the opening of the pill pocket treat being pinched closed at the top

Using the same hand holding the Pill Pocket treat, Pinch the top of the pocket closed.

illustration of the sealed pill pocket with the pill hidden inside of the treat

The Pill Pocket treat is now sealed around the medicine. Give to your pet to enjoy!

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dog in a santa hat with a greenie

Gingerbread Dental Treats

Tooth Icon

Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums: The unique texture of GREENIES™ Dental Treats help fight plauqe and tartar

Leaf Icon

Real Ingredients: Made with Natural Ingredients, Plus Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients

Shiny Icon

Freshens Breath: Kiss bad breath goodbye with breath-freshening dental treats

heart icon

Easy to Digest: Made of highly soluable ingredients and packed with flavor

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