The GREENIES™ Advantage


The GREENIES™ Brand understands that your clients love their pets like family and want to give them a lifetime of health and happiness. That's why we provide ingenious solutions that help pet parents clean their dog’s teeth and medicate them.

And we know pet parents give treats because of the joyful moments they create. So, for more than a decade, we’ve strived to develop healthy, beneficial treats without sacrificing the taste or enjoyment.

From the powerful cleaning action of GREENIES Canine Dental Treats to the simple-to-use GREENIES™ PILL POCKETS™ Treats, we invite you to learn more about each product below. Each is designed to provide unique benefits and irresistible taste, making oral care and medicating solutions easy and effective for your patients. For these reasons and more, GREENIES brand treats are ones you can trust and recommend.

A bag of Greenies Feline Dental Treats in Savory Salmon Flavor

How GREENIES™ Dental Treats Work

Our treats are irresistibly tasty to dogs and, at the same time, incredibly powerful for their oral health. One treat a day is all it takes for dogs to experience the amazing effects of clean teeth and fresh breath.

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1 Greenie a Day can Help Prevent Oral Health Issues Between Regular Cleanings

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The Chewy Texture Works With Your Pet's Natural Chewing Action to Maximize Plaque & Tartar Reduction

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Our Chews Combine Five Health Benefits into one Treat - Cognitive, Immune, Metabolic, Skin, and of Course, Oral Health Support!


image of a hand holding a bag of feline chicken flavor pill pockets in front of a bright orange backgroundimage of a hand holding a bag of feline chicken flavor pill pockets in front of a bright orange background

How GREENIES™ Pill Pockets Work

66% of pet owners have medicated their dog in the last year and it often can be a traumatizing experience for the pet parent and dog. GREENIES PILL POCKET treats offer a proven solution to make medicating pets easier.

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Fill the Ready-Made Pouch Within the Treat With Your Pet's Tablet or Capsule Medicine

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Pinch the Top of the Treat Closed, Sealing in the Medicine and Keeping all the Yummy Flavor of the Treat

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Give the Pill Pocket Treat to Your Pet and Watch the Medicine Disappear!


Putting Our Paw-tients First

Make Sure You and Your Paw-tients Have all the Info You Need! Download a Full Guide to our Products and Common FAQ.