Dental Treats And Chews For Dogs And Cats

Vet Recommended For Dental Care

Chewy Texture Cleans Teeth & Maintains Healthy Gums For A Sparkle In Every Smile

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Chewy Texture Cleans Teeth & Maintains Healthy Gums For A Sparkle In Every Smile

Treat Your Pet to Cleaner Teeth

  • Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums

    The unique texture of GREENIES™ Dental Treats help fight plauqe and tartar

  • Real Ingredients

    Made with Natural Ingredients, Plus Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients

  • Freshens Breath

    Kiss bad breath goodbye with breath-freshening dental treats

  • Easy to Digest

    Made of highly soluable ingredients and packed with flavor

Greenies Regular Fresh Original BlueberryGreenies Regular Fresh Original Blueberry

Chewy Texture Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums

Delicious Taste Icon

Vet recommended for dental care

Greenies cleaner teeth- Sparkles

Unique texture fights plaque and tartar

Real Benefits Icon

Delicious and Nutritious: balanced for healthy treating

Incredibly Tasty. Incredibly Powerful

  • Delicious Taste

    They'll love the taste, you'll love the benefits

  • Quality Ingredients

    Made in the USA with ingredients from around the world

  • Real Benefits

    From daily treating to a healthy boost of vitamins

  • Pet Approved

    Irresistible taste your pets will love

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are dental treats and chews?

GREENIES™ Dental Treats and chews are delicious edible snacks designed to help keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy while reducing the most common causes of bad breath.

Unlike some crunchy treats, GREENIES™ Dental Treats have a chewy texture that your dog or cat has to chew to break into smaller pieces. This pushes the treat (and its cleaning power) deep into the crevices around your pet’s teeth.

The results are a happier, healthier pet with freshened breath that you won’t mind snuggling and kissing!

Can dental treats improve my pet’s breath?

Yes! GREENIES™ Dental Treats are specially designed to freshen bad breath.

Their unique texture gets into the hard-to-reach places of your pet’s teeth where bad breath can develop.

The texture also helps strengthen their teeth and gums as well as the bones in their jaw for complete oral health along with fresh breath.

Just one serving of GREENIES™ Dental Treats every day is all it takes for your dog or cat to enjoy the amazing effects of cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath.

Why does my pet have bad breath?

The most common cause of pet bad breath is periodontal disease caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth.

Your cat or dog may also have small food particles stuck between their teeth that can decompose and cause bad breath.

Aside from brushing your pet’s teeth, the best way to combat the bad breath caused by plaque, tartar, and left-over food particles is to feed them a dental treat that removes this foreign material before it can lead to bad breath.

GREENIES™ Dental Treats are specially designed so the cleaning action reaches down to the gum line and into all the crevices where plaque, tartar, and food particles may hide.

How often should I give my pet GREENIES™ Dental Treats?

To freshen breath and clean teeth, feed your pet one GREENIES™ Dental Treat per day.

For DOGS, choose from four different sizes of treat based on their weight:

- Teenie — For dogs 5-15 pounds
- Petite — For dogs 15-25 pounds
- Regular — For dogs 25-50 pounds
- Large — For dogs 50-100 pounds

Check the package label for the kcal in each treat and then adjust the amount of your dog’s main meal to compensate for calories delivered by treats.

For CATS one year of age or older, feed eight treats per 10 pounds of body weight for a healthy dental benefit.

Check the package label for the kcal in eight treats and then adjust the amount of your cat’s main meal to compensate for calories delivered by treats.

Do GREENIES™ Dental Treats have other health benefits?

In addition to fresh breath and clean teeth, your pet will also enjoy the health benefits that come with the natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in GREENIES™ Dental Treats.

These tasty natural dental treats are nutritionally balanced for healthy treating. With every GREENIES™ Dental Treat, your pet also gets a boost of crude protein, fat, and fiber.

All GREENIES™ Dental Treats are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for adult pet maintenance, so you can rest easy that you’re giving your cat or dog the most nutritious treats possible.

Reasons to choose GREENIES™ Dental Treats

- Turns treat time into clean-teeth time
- Helps maintain healthy gums
- Freshens breath
- Helps reduce tartar and plaque buildup
- Accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council™ (VOHC)
- Many delicious flavors to choose from
- Natural ingredients
- Unique texture for a deeper clean down to the gum line
- Veterinarian-recommended
- Sizes to suit dogs and cats of all sizes
- Includes crude protein, fat, and fiber
- No refrigeration necessary
- Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO
- Proudly crafted in the USA