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Treat Your Dog to Cleaner Teeth

  • Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums

    The unique texture of GREENIES™ Dental Treats help fight plaque and tartar

  • Real Ingredients

    Made with Natural Ingredients, Plus Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients

  • Freshens Breath

    Kiss bad breath goodbye with breath-freshening dental treats

  • Easy to Digest

    Made of highly soluable ingredients and packed with flavor

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Incredibly Tasty. Incredibly Powerful

  • Delicious Taste

    They'll love the taste, you'll love the benefits

  • Quality Ingredients

    Made in the USA with ingredients from around the world

  • Real Benefits

    From daily treating to a healthy boost of vitamins

  • Pet Approved

    Irresistible taste your pets will love

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are dog dental treats and chews?

GREENIES™ Dental Treats are dog snacks with a purpose. Besides being a delicious reward your dog deserves just for being a good boy or good girl, our treats are designed to improve dog dental hygiene by cleaning your dog’s teeth as they chew.

By giving your dog GREENIES™ dental chews every day, you can help to support their oral and overall health. GREENIES™ Dental Treats are an easy way to love and care for your best friend.

Can dental treats improve my dog’s breath?

Yes, feeding your best friend GREENIES™ dental treats can have a positive impact on bad dog breath. In fact, GREENIES™ got its start with ordinary pet owners who wanted to do something about their dog’s stinky breath.

All of our flavors can help with bad breath, but our Fresh flavor dental chews in particular are specially formulated with spearmint to spare your nose when you’re getting dog kisses.

By reducing tartar buildup with GREENIES™ Dental Treats in-between regular dental cleanings from your vet, you can noticeably reduce your dog’s bad breath and help to reduce the chances of your pet developing oral health problems.

Why does my dog have bad breath?

Although bad dog breath is sometimes caused by something your dog ate — like roadkill, garbage, or poop — even dogs with impeccable eating habits can have bad breath. It’s often the result of the plaque that builds up on your dog’s teeth.

If it isn’t removed, this plaque can then turn into calculus (also known as tartar), which contains harmful bacteria. Besides giving your dog stinky breath, tartar can lead to more serious oral health problems like gingivitis or periodontitis.

How often should I give my dog GREENIES™ Dental Treats?

We recommend giving your dog one GREENIES™ Dental Treat per day.

We offer GREENIES™ Dental Treats in a variety of flavors for dogs of all sizes, and we have Dental Treats for puppies (over 6 months old) specially formulated to promote brain development with DHA and strong teeth and jaws with calcium.

Picking the appropriate dental chews for your dog and giving one treat per day can help maintain your pet’s oral health as part of a good dental hygiene regimen with regular veterinary exams and cleanings.

Do GREENIES™ Dog Dental Treats have other health benefits?

Yes! GREENIES™ Dog Dental Treats are beneficial for better breath and oral health, and they’re also a good way for pet parents to promote better whole-body health for their beloved pups.

In addition to improving oral health, our dental chews offer other benefits as well. For example, the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in our treats offer a balanced adult recipe for healthy treating to help support overall better health and well-being.

What GREENIES™ Dog Dental Treat flavors are available?

We understand that all of the health benefits of GREENIES™ Dental Treats won’t do any good if your dog doesn’t think it’s a real treat to eat them. That’s why we made sure that they taste great!

GREENIES™ Dog Dental Treats come in several flavors: Original, Fresh (with natural spearmint), Sweet Potato, and Blueberry, plus Pumpkin Spice, ScaryBerry, and Gingerbread in our seasonal bundles. You’re sure to find an option that appeals to even the pickiest of pups.

Why should I choose GREENIES™ Dog Dental Treats?

Your dog will love eating GREENIES™ Dog Dental Treats, and you’ll love giving them our dental chews because you know that it will help to keep them happy and healthy.

But don’t just take our word for it. GREENIES™ Dog Dental Treats are accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council to help control tartar buildup for better oral and whole-body canine health.

Our Dog Dental Treats also adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the leading standards in the pet food industry, for natural ingredients.

GREENIES™ Dog Dental Treats are a choice both you and your dog can feel good about!