Which pill trickster is your pet?

Which Pill Trickster is Your Pet?

Whether you live at home with a Pill P.I. or a Picky Prima Donna, if there's one part of pet ownership that isn't a walk in the park, it can be administering medicine to our furry friends. Go through the chart below to find which pet you may have at home and see our tips & tricks for administering pills with ease.

Which pill trickster is your pet flow chart


The Pill PI character

Pill P.I.

Your pet has detective-level sniffing skills that can track down a pill no matter what it's hidden in. Whether it's hidden in peanut butter, cheese, or a piece of deli meat, they can somehow always find it. Luckily, the GREENIES Spring Wellness Bundle for Cats comes with two different types of PILL POCKETS, the perfect solution for disguising pills in a tasty treat that even the most astute pet detectives won't be able to sniff out.



The Slobbery Scavenger character

Slobbery Scavenger

You're tired of the sticky mess from struggling to get your pet to take their medicine. Say goodbye to the peanut butter jars and hello to the GREENIES Spring Wellness Bundle for Dogs, which comes with one capsule-sized pill pocket for larger pills and one tablet-sized pill pocket for smaller pills, so you can test each one to see which works best for your pets medication. PILL POCKETS are the easy and mess-free way to disguise pills in a delicious treat your pet won't be able to resist!



The picky prima donna character

The Picky Prima Donna

Your pet is a pill-spitting drama queen! Even after going through the diligent work of disguising your pet's pills, they somehow find a way to spit it back out. GREENIES Spring Wellness Bundles, come with pill pockets that mask the taste and smell of pills, making medication time an enjoyable experience, even for the most picky of pets.



No matter what type of pet you live with, it's time to ditch the hacks and make pill time a treat with the GREENIES Spring Wellness Bundles, perfect for your pill time tricksters.