How to Support Your Dog’s Immune Health

How to Support Your Dog’s Immune Health

Human and dog immune systems are here to do the same job: Help protect us from diseases and other health issues. And just like you take steps to make sure you have a strong immune system, there are simple things you can do to support your dog’s immune system and overall health.

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1. Prioritize Proper Nutrition for Your Dog

Did you know that the gut contains 70% of your dog’s immune system? That means what you feed your dog can have a big impact on their immune health — which is why it’s a good idea to talk with your vet about the best diet for your dog.

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2. Supplement with Supplements

Another way to support your dog’s immune system is with supplements. GREENIES™ Immune Health Supplements can help support your dog’s natural defenses with a powerful blend of the antioxidants vitamins C and E.

fluffy dog getting dog treat outside in grass from owners hand 

3. Keep Your Dog Active

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise: Healthy activity levels help lead to a happy, healthy pup! A healthy exercise routine may beneficially affect antibodies, and white blood cells that help fight off infection. Dogs already love to run and play, so all you really have to do is encourage a healthy dose of active play!

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4. Think Outside the Box

One idea that might be more of a surprise: dog massages! We know that stress can wreak havoc on human bodies and that moderate-pressure massage can promote relaxation. Doggie massages may do more than help your pup feel calm and well-loved; they could also help reduce stress — stress that can have adverse effects on the immune system. While more research is needed to confirm the impact of massage on dogs’ health, it could be a great option for our four-legged friends too!

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5. Stay up to date on Vet Visits

Taking care of your dog’s immune system is an important part of taking care of them. Regular vet visits will also help you monitor your pet’s health, and if they could talk, they’d definitely thank you for it!