Pill Pockets For Cats And Dogs

Turn Medication Time Into Treat Time

Ditch the hacks! Hide Your Pet's Medicines in Flavor-Packed Treats That Mask the Taste of Pills. Available in two pill sizes: Capsule and Tablet

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3 Easy Steps to Take the Stress Out of Pill Time

  • Fill

    To Fill, hold the Pill Pocket treat in one hand and place medicine into the built-in pouch

  • Pinch

    Using the same hand holding the Pill Pocket treat, Pinch the top of the pocket closed.

  • Give

    The Pill Pocket treat is now sealed around the medicine. Give to your pet to enjoy!

Supplement Pill Pocket
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Vet Recommended Choice for Giving Pills

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Tasty Flavors That Mask the Taste of Medicine


Incredibly Tasty. Incredibly Powerful

  • Delicious Taste

    They'll love the taste, you'll love the benefits

  • Quality Ingredients

    Made in the USA with ingredients from around the world

  • Real Benefits

    From daily treating to a healthy boost of vitamins

  • Pet Approved

    Irresistible taste your pets will love

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Pill Pockets?

When it comes to medicine, pets aren’t easily fooled. GREENIES™ understands. That’s why we’ve made pill pockets — a smarter way to help the medicine go down!

GREENIES™ Pill Pockets are flavor-packed treats that mask the smell and taste of pills and capsules so your cat or dog will swallow the medication without all the muss and fuss of hiding it in human food.

Each delicious Pill Pocket has space for a tablet or capsule — depending on which Pill Pockets you choose — built right in and a shapeable texture for hiding your furry friend’s medication.

If your dog takes small pills, choose the tablet size. If your dog takes larger pills, choose the capsule size for easy administration. For cat parents, all GREENIES™ Feline Pill Pockets fit most tablets and capsules.

GREENIES™ Pill Pockets take the stress and mess out of giving your four-legged companion the medicine they need to stay happy and healthy.

How do GREENIES™ Pill Pockets work to conceal pet medicine?

GREENIES™ Pill Pockets conceal your pet’s meds inside a delicious treat that masks the smell and taste of the pill. Your furry friend will be so excited to have a tasty treat to snack on, they won’t even realize there’s medication inside.

And, GREENIES™ Pill Pockets are super easy to use — just fill, pinch, and give.

To fill, hold a Pill Pocket treat in one hand and place the medication into the built-in pouch. Using the same hand holding the Pill Pocket treat, pinch the top of the pocket closed. The Pill Pocket treat is now sealed around the medication and ready for your canine or feline friend.

As most dog or cat parents will testify, pets are smart about avoiding their meds. Now, with GREENIES™ Pill Pockets, you’re smarter!

What are GREENIES™ Pill Pockets made out of?

Designed by veterinarians, GREENIES™ Pill Pockets are a healthy alternative to feeding your pet human food that may not be good for them.

Each GREENIES™ Pill Pocket is made with natural ingredients and trace nutrients, including chicken, vegetable oil, rosemary extract, and a healthy boost of vitamins, as well as crude protein, fat, and fiber.

What flavors do GREENIES™ Pill Pockets come in?

GREENIES™ Pill Pockets come in a variety of delicious flavors specially designed to appeal to your dog’s or your cat’s tastes.

For DOGS, GREENIES™ offers Hickory Smoke Flavor, Cheese Flavor, and Peanut Butter Flavor Pill Pockets (in both tablet and capsule size).

For CATS, GREENIES™ offers Catnip Flavor, Chicken Flavor, Salmon Flavor, and Tuna & Cheese Flavor Pill Pockets (all four flavors fit most tablets and capsules designed for cats).

Regardless of the size or flavor you choose, giving it to your pet is simple. Just place the medication into the built-in pouch, pinch the top of the pocket closed around the pill, and feed it to your cat or dog.

With GREENIES™ Pill Pockets, you can simplify medication time with a tasty treat your pet will devour!

Reasons to choose GREENIES™ Pill Pockets

- A variety of delicious flavors to choose from
- Natural ingredients plus trace nutrients
- Unique, shapeable texture
- Veterinarian-recommended
- No artificial flavors, preservatives, or fillers
- Easy to use — just fill, pinch, and give
- Sizes to suit small and large pills
- Includes crude protein, fat, and fiber
- No refrigeration necessary
- Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO

Additional tips for giving your pet medication

You can help make medication time even easier by implementing these simple tips.

Give your pet their pills right before mealtime. A hungry dog or cat is less likely to refuse the treat (and the medication inside).

Turn med time into treat time. Try doing the same things you do when giving your pet a regular treat. For example, use your “fun” voice or offer the Pill Pocket as a reward for sitting or shaking.

Praise your dog or cat after they take the pill. Give your pet lots of love to help them feel good about the experience and less stressed about medication time.