How to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Cool in the Summer Heat

dog drinking water

Warm weather is great to get outside and be active with your dog. You can hike, go to the park, cool off at the lake and so much more. But, while more outside playtime can be great for increased exercise and overall well-being, it’s also important to keep your pet healthy during these hotter months. Maintaining your dog’s hygiene—including cleaning his ears, bathing him and cleaning his teeth—is a critical component of helping him live a healthy lifestyle, from head to tail.

Here are five ways to help keep your best friend hygienic and cuddle-worthy throughout the hottest time of the year.

  1. Sit, Stay, Hydrate

    Be sure to have fresh water accessible at all times to keep your pet hydrated, especially in warm weather. If you’re thirsty, chances are your pet will be, too.

  2. Bond Over Bath Time

    After a day in the sun with your dog, a bath is certainly a must. Not only will it get your dog clean, but it can help cool him down from the hot weather. When bathing your dog, don’t forget about his sweet puppy-dog eyes and face. Moisten a soft washcloth or sponge with room-temperature water and gently wipe your dog’s face clean.

  3. Throw Some Shade

    Warm weather can make you want to spend the whole day outside. While your dog may love the extended outdoor playtime, make sure to fetch a spot that has a mix of sun and shade for when they need a rest and a quick drink of water to keep your dog cool outside.

  4. Make Nap Time Cozy and Clean

    Your dog’s bed may be where he feels most comfortable, which is why it’s important to keep it nice and clean during the dog days of summer. Any bugs, fleas or germs your dog may pick up will follow him into the bed. Choose one with a removable cover to make cleaning it as simple a quick load of laundry.

  5. Give them a Healthy Smile
  6. When considering your dog’s health, don’t forget about their oral care needs. Bad dog breath can sneak up on you. Tasty oral care treats such as GREENIESDental Treats help freshen breath and clean teeth to keep stinky dog breath from getting in the way of snuggling with your pup all summer.

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