Your Dog’s Breath Needs All the Help It Can Get


Dog parents are no strangers to bad breath. From waking up to smelly kisses to being held captive in a car with their stinky breath, you’ve had your fair share of not-so-fresh breath encounters. But, there’s a simple routine you can follow with your dog to help keep their mouth clean and fresh.

As humans, we have a general dental routine that includes three steps. 1. We brush our teeth daily. 2. Pop a mint or gum in-between brushes to keep our breath fresh and 3. Go to the dentist regularly.

Now your dog can share a similar routine. Pet parents have GREENIES™ Dental Treats that help remove plaque and tartar similar to how a toothbrush cleans ours. You take your dog to the vet for their annual check-up and NOW pet parents can give their dogs fresher breath on demand with the dog-friendly breath mint: GREENIES™ BREATH BUSTER™ Bites Treats. Give them one just before your morning kisses, in the car or at the dog park. Give them fresh breath anytime, anywhere!